Aurubis Copper – Characteristics

Aurubis’ products for architectural applications such as facades and roofs use phosphorus deoxidised copper, designated Cu-DHP and complying with EN 1172:2011 – ‘Copper and Copper Alloys: Sheet and Strip for Building Purposes’. This pure and natural material exhibits a unique range of characteristics and performance benefits including:

  • Protection by its patina against corrosion in any atmospheric conditions, durable and problem-free with no maintenance.
  • Exceptional, indefinite lifespan demonstrated over hundreds of years, and no underside corrosion issues.
  • Light weight as a flexible covering for any building elements, saving on structure and delivering low ‘whole of life’ costs.
  • Easily formed at any temperature without becoming brittle in cold weather.
  • Low thermal movement and high melting point avoiding stretching in hot weather.
  • Non-toxic and safe to work, with impressive antimicrobial qualities ideally suited to touch surfaces inside buildings.

The impressive sustainability and environmental credentials of copper have been clearly demonstrated in the past. Although the copper industry is well-known for recycling, Aurubis’ Nordic range is exceptional with 97 % of copper produced for roofing and cladding applications over the last few years coming from recycled material. This material includes internal processing scrap (around 50-60 % of the recycled material). Embodied energy and global warming potential figures are therefore less than half those for copper generally – already significantly lower than stainless steel and aluminium.

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