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Copper is a beautiful, durable and timeless material. Aurubis' Nordic products allow architects to create individual solutions and ensure a long life cycle for the building and a responsible legacy for future generations.

Aurubis produces a range of copper-based architectural products and services for the building and construction industry. This includes flat copper sheets with different surface qualities, prefabricated systems for façades, roofs and rainwater systems, and a new integrated roof system with solar collectors. We also provide help with installation.

Prefabricated solutions

Our focus is on producing solutions with a high degree of prefabrication so that our customers can benefit from shortened construction schedules, while at the same time supplying products which are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Copper is an ideal building material. It is both practical (being durable, easily worked and virtually maintenance-free) and it is exceptionally beautiful. Being a natural material, it complements other natural building materials, such as wood, glass and stone.

Economy and durability

Using copper in buildings can be a wise investment as it can increase property value and, over the long term, keeps maintenance costs low. A natural material, copper is very durable without any finishing treatment. When exposed to the weather and the environment, copper forms a patina – a protective surface film that prevents corrosion.


Patination is a slow and irregular process. It can be influenced by local atmospheric conditions, and minor variations often occur between individual surfaces due to different original conditions and textures. These variances usually even out after a couple of years, and the copper takes on a more even, dark brown color. Eventually the characteristic green appears, starting with any horizontal or slightly sloping surfaces.

To bypass the waiting period, an instant patination treatment has been introduced. This means that the copper is supplied with its finished color already established. See Aurubis’ Nordic range for the full selection of colors available. Pre-patinated copper is available in roll and sheet form.


Copper is easy to work by bending or deep drawing. The minimum bending radius of half hard copper plate is approx. 0.30 times the material thickness, which is sufficient in most cases. If required, softer sheets can be used for deep drawing and bending.

Copper and most copper alloys have antimicrobial property

Copper is antimicrobial and can offer cleaner and safer healthcare environment. Bacteria do not grow on copper, which prevents from infections. Choosing copper to touch surface material helps creating safer environment. Also most copper alloys have antimicrobial property.


Copper benefits 

  • Copper can be used in huge amount of applications
  • Thick copper plates can be further processed in various ways
  • Copper alloys offer additional properties
  • Wide range of copper qualities and products
  • Copper is antimicrobial
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