Nordic Systems

We have seen how an unrivaled choice of Nordic Surfaces can be combined with different Nordic Forms to provide a rich copper palette for contemporary architecture. The final ingredient in designing with copper is the installation technique or system, which adds “grain” and structure to the external skin of the building, helping to define its character. Aurubis provides an extensive range of factory prefabricated systems for facades or roofs, as well as copper sheets or coils and other copper items.

Prefabricated trays

The RPRE 105 prefabricated tray is a fully-supported 0.5-0.6 mm thick copper tray, pre-formed for fast, efficient installation. Width: 475 mm, maximum length: 8 m.

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Fully supported copper elements for facades or roofs, shingles offer a distinctive “fish scale” appearance with shapes including squares, diamonds, rhomboids and rectangles (as shown opposite) in various sizes. The RMOD 402 shown below is 280 x 280 mm using 0.6 mm copper.

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For facades, self-supporting copper panels pre-formed on two sides can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally to give a linear, striated appearance. Various shapes and sizes are available. The example shown here is FPAN 101 using 1.0-1.2mm thick copper – height: 200-300 mm, maximum length: 3 m.

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For larger flat areas, cassettes have squarer proportions with folded edges on all four sides. Various types and sizes are available. The example shown below is FCAS 101 using 1.0-1.5 mm thick copper – height: 450-900 mm, length: 450 mm-3 m.

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Other architectural elements

Today’s designers continue to explore new areas where copper’s unique characteristics can influence architectural expression. Aurubis responds by working closely with our specialist partners on new systems and products to meet designers’ specific needs. For example, slatted and louvred facade systems add another architectural dimension, providing solar shading and privacy while retaining transparency.

Interior elements

Aurubis’ growing palette of surfaces, forms and systems inspires designers to use copper inside, as well as on the exterior surfaces of buildings. Applications include partitions and walls, ceilings and soffits – perhaps extending to the outside with complete material continuity. Door facings, push-plates and other “touch surfaces” also benefit from copper’s antimicrobial properties.

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