Nordic Green – pre-patinated copper

Nordic Green™ products offer designers unparalleled design freedom and the ability to determine the type and intensity of green patina for each project with choices of “Living” surfaces.

In a carefully controlled factory process, pre-oxidized copper is treated with specifically formulated copper compounds to create the desired patina colors and heat-treated to chemically bind them to the copper.

The factory process can be accurately controlled so that, as well as the solid green patina color, other intensities of patina flecks can be created, revealing some of the dark oxidized background material. Aurubis’ experts can also work in partnership with architects to develop special individual levels of patination to meet their design requirements or to match historically patinated copper on existing buildings.

The material is easily bent and formed, and there are no limitations on the length of pre-patinated copper sheet or strip because whole coils are treated on the production line, not just limited sheet sizes. Nordic Green™ is available in sheets or coils with one treated surface.

Technical Details
Thickness range: 0.5-1.5 mm
Maximum width: 1.000 mm
Shapes: Sheet, coil
Other dimensions on request  

Mineral-based green

The most common compound found in natural patinas all over the world is the copper sulfate mineral brochantite. Aurubis’ factory-applied patinas have been developed with properties and colors based on the same brochantite mineralogy. Brochantite is a light blue color, but in many locations impurities and other components in the air add a yellow tint to give the naturally developed patina a green hue. In the same way, Nordic Green™ is produced with a hint of iron sulfate yellow component added to the blue copper sulfate, replicating the natural green.

By its nature, Aurubis’ pre-patination process encourages the continuing formation of natural patina by releasing copper sulfate to react with the copper below. So, just like natural patina, Nordic Green™ undergoes continuous changes through environmental exposure dependent upon local atmospheric and rainfall conditions.

Nordic Green references

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