Employee profile of Pasi Karlsson

Pasi Karlsson first started working at Aurubis Finland in June of 1994 nineteen years ago. After graduating from vocational school as a blade and equipment setter, he and two other graduates from his class were invited for an interview. Pasi got the job. He started off working as an equipment grinder, sanding down rollers and sharpening blades. After being a grinder for about five years, he moved on to work as a batch-type furnace annealer. After a couple of years on the job, Pasi was offered a position in quality control. He studied while working and graduated from college and vocational high school as a machinery and metal technician. He now works as a quality technician.

Pasi likes to arrive early for work at around 6:30 a.m. This enables him to leave at around 3 p.m. Pasi is in charge of the chemicals used in production such as the emulsions used in rolling and the cleaning fluids. He makes sure that there are chemicals in stock. Pasi also checks and controls the quality of the products. Occasionally he checks that the machinery is functioning smoothly and works on improving the production quality.

Pasi says that the most important thing about his job is being able to do something useful and being of use, being able to help. It is also important to be able to enjoy one’s work, as he does. The best things about his job, Pasi says, are the working community, task diversity and the short commute. He says that it is great to be able to have a say in the length and contents of your work day.

Pasi enjoys being responsibility and having responsibilities and says to all possible future employees that it is a necessity in order to do your work at Aurubis properly.

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