European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 opens for entries

Architects are being called to showcase their most arresting
copper and copper alloy designs 

The biennial awards collect exemplary and innovative uses of copper to show the beauty and versatility of copper. 

Precondition for the registration is that the project must incorporate roofing, cladding, or other prominent architectural elements made from copper or copper alloys. 

The type or scale of the project can vary from grand landmarks to modest installations.

The team of architects and critics includes some of the most influential designers in Europe. They will judge the entries on overall architectural quality, based on the images submitted.

The 2015 theam of judges included four architects: Keith Williams of Keith Williams Architects in the UK, Ulla Hell of Plasma Studio in Italy, Erik Nobel of NOBEL arkitekter in Denmark and Fernando Sa of Pitagoras Aquitectos in Portugal. All have received Copper in Architecture Awards themselves.

The deadline for Awards 18 entries is 30 April 2017.  

The Entry Form can be downloaded from here. 

To see a video of Awards 17 winners, click here.

To view a brochure showing the Awards 17 winners, click here.

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